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Hi, I’m Ellie, founder of Outnumbered Holidays and mum to two incredible boys.

In 2018 I became a single mum. The following months were chaotic, to say the least. 

As I began to find my feet, travelling with my boys was the one thing that helped me feel positive about the future and to imagine how our life would look moving forward. From longer overseas trips to short weekends away, spending quality time adventuring together helped us.

So, now I’m on a mission to make travel accessible to all single parents through tailored trips, advice and content.

You can read more about our holidays together and sign up for our email updates on upcoming trips and advice for single parent holidays.  You can also find us on instagram and Facebook.

We hope you’ll join us!

About Outnumbered Holidays

Why choose Outnumbered Holidays?

Everyone is in the same boat:

These trips are for solo parent families only. As a result there is an immediate camaraderie and willingness to help each other out that only single parents can understand. We understand the challenges of single parent holidays and tailor our holidays accordingly.

Meet other families:

Our small group sizes create a wonderful opportunity for creating bonds among both the parents and kids. As the kids hit it off, parents will be able to enjoy some much-needed downtime getting to know each other.

Be supported along the way:

Many single parents find the prospect of taking their kids on holiday overwhelming. Outnumbered Holidays takes all the stress away, organising everything for you and knowing you’ll be supported throughout.

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